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                                                Ti&Ni materials

                                                • Titanium & nickel pipes
                                                • Titanium & nickel pipes
                                                Titanium & nickel pipesTitanium & nickel pipes

                                                Titanium & nickel pipes

                                                • Product description: Baoji Yuyue Metal Materials Co.,Ltd lies in Baoji city, which is the Yan Di native place, China’s titanium city. The company is engaged in titanium material processing, equipment manufacture,compound
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                                                Titanium & nickel pipes
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                                                Contact: Mrs.Tong

                                                Phone: 13609276855

                                                Tel: 0917-3383588


                                                Add: No.1105,The wealth building tower B,East area,The high-tech development zone,Baoji

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